Ashley 11-12
Beason 11-12
Donaho 11-12
Jernigan 11-12
Lambert 11-12
Motley 11-12
Winslett 11-12
Wise 11-12

Third Graders wrote Diamantes about a Rollercoaster Ride. We used Microsoft Word to type our poems and learned how to insert a picture into a document. We took the pictures using a MacBook and its PhotoBooth with special effects!

Third Graders created Wordles about themselves. They then used the PrintScreen function on their keyboards to capture and create a picture of their Wordle. I used Animoto to create a musical slideshow of their pictures. Enjoy!

Third Graders have been working on a PowerPoint show about our school. We took a walking tour of the school one day, snapping pictures of places around campus. Each student inserted the picture he or she took into a slide and wrote a short narrative about it. They used their typing skills and spell check to create a slide. Then they recorded what they wrote. We have uploaded the tour to for your viewing pleasure!